Friday, January 30, 2009

My Wishes

I wish to learn this semester all I can about educational technology. Maybe a bit simplistic of a statement but it is what I want. I wish to have a better understanding as to why some people hold technology in such high regards, and also take a look at why some despise is and deem it as the anti-christ. What makes people go crazy about technology? How can it help the elderly or our tots? How can we use it to help ourselves with daily activities? Has it become so intelligent that it is better than having a human around? Has artificial intelligence gotten so good that it sometimes invades our privacy?
Maybe this isn't really directly pertaining to our ETEC course, but maybe we will hit these point along the way. If we don't, maybe I can dig up some findings for myself. I would also like to understand how technology can be used to the fullest in the classroom and how teachers can utilise it for all types of students and all age groups. I would like to learn something that I can use out in the real world. What I know about technology really is very little in correlation to what the average office or corporation or education setting would like me to know. I wish to hone my skills to a more broad knowledge of technology.
I know I have been all over the place with this one, but I guess that's what great about's like blurting it all out :) :) :)


  1. William, we have something in common about wanting to learn more about tech skills. This is the future. We can embrace it,ignore it, watch it take over our world and wonder how, etc...

  2. William, I think we're in the right place and will come away feeling much more technologically "educated!"

  3. William,

    You have some great questions or thoughts. I would like to have some of these come up in our class and see what others think. Some of the privacy issues came up about technology today at lunch with our teachers. Was a great conversation. I think you have a great vision.


  4. Hey William! Thanks for letting us practice on posting to your blog.