Friday, January 23, 2009

My Vision

I would love to learn more about educational technology. I have been out of touch with technology ever since I graduated High School, and getting my Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies wasn't that much of a Technological breakthrough. I love being on the computer, YouTube, email, sending pics. MMS, SMS with my cell-phone, receiving emails on my cell-phone and not having to be on the computer all the time. I also do a little torrenting from time to time, maybe not perfectly legal, that's how people download movies and cds and dvds before they even hit the shelves...but I like it...sorry!!! ;(

I wish to one day consult with schools, or teach to students of countries who may not be aware of the technologies that are available to them. I grew up in Greece, I know that places like Crete, or Athens do not even have programs for Educational Technologies and having lived there, I would love to bring it to them.

One day I wish to teach in the University of Athens, that may be a bit of a stretch but I would hope for that. If not Athens then Crete. I grew up in the Island and one of the major cities has a well known university. Well known for the Greeks, not much anyone else:) Don't get me wrong, they know how to use computers, they have the abilities to be taught this material. But if there isn't anyone there to teach it, then it pretty much just never gets uncovered.
My Educational Technology Philosophy is...everyone can learn regardless of age. There are so many people who seem to be afraid, or even care-free about technology and it isn't right. I would love to be one of the people who teaches them what it can do for them. How it can help them communicate with their feelings, reach people that cannot be reached. Don't you thankful for technology. It allows me to speak to me grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins who live in Greece from my mothers side of the family. If it wasn't for technology, email, SMS,MMS, I would only see them once a year. So rest assured I LOVE technology, I know how to balance it as well. I make it my goal to NOT be in a black hole if I lets say lose my phone or do not have access to my computer. Sure, that is how I spend my time, but I make sure that it isn't the be all and end all.

I am shy at first, but when I feel comfortable enough, I like to socialize with my classmates regardless of age. I am a quiet person, and that isn't usually the type that goes around helping people. When I first took an entry level computer science course, I didn't say a word for the first couple of weeks. Then I saw that people were friendly and that they needed a little help. So before you know it I became my professors helping hand. It was loads of fun. By no means am I an expert, no way. But I have been around computers my whole life. My first was a Commodore 128D, and I used to play spelling and puzzle games. That is what helped me with my English growing up.

After searching the web on definitions of instructional/educational technology, I have found one that comes to close to what I feel and what I think it is, in my own words,
Instructional Technology is a way to create learning. To identify and apply for a purpose. To use technology from different sources.

I would like to become more confident with my Technological skills. What I know about computers may not help allot of people: Static and Dynamic IP's, opening ports on your router so you can torrent, downloading and seeding your torrent files after completion, formatting a hard drive to reinstall an operating system, hardware drivers, converting video files and music files to different formats, wireless internet, understanding html code. That stuff is specific to ones liking and you would be fine never to know how to do that stuff. I taught it to myself because I liked it. I would like to learn more about blogging, skype, interactive presentations(PPT) , everything I can possibly learn to make my life, and eventually someone elses life more comfortable around technology.


  1. William,
    It's great to have you in class this semester. I look forward to learning with you this semester. It sounds like you have a great aptitude for learning technology.

    Your statement "everyone can learn regardless of age" is definitely a strong statement reflecting your philosophy. I look forward to reading your complete philosophy.

  2. William, you have had a very interesting life. I think you know things about technology that I will never know! I'm glad you find it so much fun, especially since it enables you to stay in contact with your far-away family~