Friday, April 17, 2009

Harnessing the force

First, I must practice what I have learned and make sure that it becomes second nature to me. Lets say with powerpoint, I can practice hyperlinking through the slideshow and also taking people to other web pages from the slideshow. Hyperlinking images and objects to have them do what I would like. Things like that, making sure that I know exactly what I am doing and barring any unforeseeable technological disasters, make sure everything goes smoothly. I will not be able to see into the future and make sure everything goes well, but I can have a positive attitude and a few backups just in case. I am confident enough to put together a little mini workshop and teach some people the basics of powerpoint. One day, maybe :):)  I mentioned in my video that I prefer windows moviemaker instead of powerpoint and I was a bit hasty in that statement. Moviemaker is a simple, picture or video moviemaking software that can make you look like a pro. However, it doesn't have the capabilities of powerpoint. You can embed a video of pictures, along with music (which you made with moviemaker) into the slideshow so you don't need to have a bunch of picture slides eating up your memory. In fact, you can teach the two softwares side by side if you wish to go in that direction. They are two excellent tools which educators can use to impart their wisdom ;)  

Bottom prepared, practice, have alternative ways of instruction for problems that may arise. As Dr. JAM said, be alone with your thoughts for a little while and relax and try not to be so nervous.  


  1. One thing I take away from your posting here is your reference to practicing and staying calm. The two are definitely tied together. When we practice we will naturally be more comfortable during the presentation/instruction.

    If we can truly accept that we can't and won't ever know it all before integrating technology, then we also not only teach what we're presenting, but we model being a life long learner.

  2. William, you know so much more about technology than me, i stand in awe and hope to know half what you know. You definitely have the ability to teach a group of people new technology skills.

  3. That is very kind of you to say Danny, seeing as how you are an educator yourself...I take your comments to heart:):)

    Thanks a bunch!!