Monday, March 9, 2009

Desktop Publishing/Movie Maker

How will you use these skills to empower you?

Imagine showing someone how to use a program...and they can actually see a video demonstration of it being used. The term a picture says a thousand words just blew out of proportions, how about a video? :) It can show your intended audience exactly how something is done, and that type of help is worth a thousand words. It can empower us by being helpful towards another person. Yes, it will make us feel good, and it will also help them feel good for being able to clear the hurdle of learning anything!

How do they align with your vision and definition for educational technology?

I like to help people. Being face to face is the ideal way to help people. However, it is a bit unrealistic because being face to face to with someone when we have a problem isn't a normal thing, it never was. It is 2009, and we must take advantage of the technologies that are to our disposal. Showing people how to do something, exactly what they need to do can help them feel at ease. It would be a joyous thing for me to be able to do that in the lives of people. To help them achieve a comfort that they could never achieve...thats the stuff!!:):)

Do you believe that the use of technologies like desktop publishing, movie maker, and other applications which incorporate the use of images is expanding?

Of course its expanding. All you have to do is go to ANY search engine and type Desktop publishing ir movie maker. You will find hundreds of tutorials on how to use these technologies. Along with the turorials, video tutorials, which is the thing now can be found on sites like youtube and can show you anything you want.

If so, why, and what are the implications for education?

The implications is an easier time for the students. Not easier in the way of receiving a grade, but easier in the fact that questions and problems can easily be erased with a click of the mouse.

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