Monday, February 23, 2009

Information Literacy

I found a couple of definitions of Information literacy and I swear that I laughed when I read them. I know it may not be very funny to anyone reading, but I have met so many people who are absolutely lazy and want to learn absolutely nothing with technology and or being active in a society...with people. My vision is anyone can learn regardless of age and with patience you can teach anyone. As a future educator, I know for a fact that I shouldn't even be thinking this way, but there are times, there are people out there that really just do not care. As patient of a person as I am, I admit I have just given up on one or two people when it came to showing them a few things around the computer. They wanted to learn, but they did not want to retain any information, nor did they really care for obtaining it in the first place. You have to pick your battles. The definitions I came across were: 

"Several conceptions and definitions of information literacy have become prevalent. For example, one conception defines information literacy in terms of a set of competencies that an informed citizen of an information society ought to possess to participate intelligently and actively in that society."

"The American Library Association's (ALA) Presidential Committee on Information Literacy, Final Report states, "To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information"

The two above definitions are the ones I like. There are several others, but all definitions encompass what Information Literacy should be for everyone. For me, it is common knowledge. Knowing how to act around people, in conversations with one or two or more. Knowing that the little thing next to the laptop is the mouse that moves the cursor on the screen. Or the touchpad on the keyboard that does the same thing. From the small to the large, there are certain things that people should know. It should be second nature for everyone when it comes to knowing how to act around people. Knowing how to be a decent member of society. Growing up with several cultures makes me feel very lucky, knowing how societies around the world interact has helped me be more patient, and more understanding towards peoples feelings. However, there will be times when I meet people as a future educator, and all of you as educators, when you just have to say..."I give up." With some people, you have to do that to keep your sanity, and keep your Information Literacy in high regards for yourself. 


  1. I like the ALA definition the best, perhaps because it best fits our discussion of information literacy and its relationship to informating over automating.

    It is our charge as educators to cause students to build skills, critical thinking skills, information gathering skills, and the like so that they may be successful in the information age in which we live.

  2. William, I agree some people are difficult to teach whether they are lazy, stubborn, or have a mental block. I also agree that anyone who is willing can be taught. To what degree is determined by how much patience the two people involved have. I believe you are well rounded by your life's experiences. You will make a great teacher. Great job.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Danny, much appreciated. With your logic, I can tell you are a great teacher already :) :) :)

  4. William... I love your definitions and I agree that it does take a lot of patience to teach some people the skills they need, especially in today's society. However, I hope you are able to retain the amazing talent of patience you have. But always remember there may be an underlying reason for your students lake of knowledge. Whether it be laziness or anything other reason/excuse. I have not only appreciated your assistance and knowledge in class, but your patience as well.